COVID-19 3/23/20 Update: Easytork is fully operational as a critical manufacturer of actuators, essential in numerous critical infrastructure sectors such as water, power, chemical, energy, food and agriculture, government facilities, healthcare, critical manufacturing, and transportation systems. We have full capabilities to provide time-critical components and solutions, backed by our well-stocked inventory at our St. Louis, MO USA facility. We stand ready to support our customers and partners. We will get through this together.

Easytork Patented Spring-Less Pneumatic 1/4 Turn Vane Actuators

World's smallest, lightest, most efficient, most accurate pneumatic actuator

Compared to a spring & diaphragm actuator for control valves, our patented control actuator is

1/10th the weight, 1/6th the size, uses 1/4th of air, has better/equal benchmark test performance, and more cost effective

Actuator fugitive emissions reductions of up to 75% during the dynamic state, with zero bleed at static state

ECA Series
The PREMIER Control Valve Actuator

EVA Series
On/Off Solutions-Oriented Actuator

Fugitive Emissions Reduction:

Easytork's design allows for significant actuator emission reduction from pneumatic systems

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Corrosive & Dirty Environment:

How Easytork actuators thrived in a challenging actuation application while reducing total cost of ownership by over 77% for a mining operator

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Footprint Reduction:

How Easytork compact actuators significantly reduce valve actuation footprint in skids and mobile units

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Water Industry:

Using water to drive the Easytork actuator

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Finally, an Actuator Designed with Process Control Operators and Engineers in Mind - First and Foremost

Easytork's patented technology of integrating a spring-less fail-safe system within the actuator body makes our actuator the EASIEST actuator to install, operate, and maintain, all while reducing the initial and total cost of ownership and allowing your process to operate more efficiently.

While other existing actuation technology is over 50 years old, our actuator effectively addresses modern process control issues that engineers and process users/operators face daily.

When to use Easytork for valve automation? When SOLUTIONS are required.

One-stop shop for control valve and on/off valve actuation High cycle applications
Most compact, lightest, least air consumption pneumatic actuator in the world (40+% smaller, 50+% lighter than rack & pinions) Longevity in harsh dirty environments
Actuator precise throttling of <0.05% repeatability (ECA Series) Easiest actuator to direct mount to ball valves and butterfly valves
Multiple functions in one unit: convert between double-acting and fail-safe, and fail-open and fail-close (<60 sec) 0% side loading to improve valve life cycle
AWWA C541 compliant 2-year / 2-million cycle warranty


ECA Series (Easytork Control Actuator)

EVA Series (Easytork Vane Actuator)

ECA Series Actuators

+ THE PREMIER control valve solution
+ At <0.05% repeatability, Easytork Control Actuator is better than/equal to spring & diaphragm actuators for control valves
+ Direct mount across all control valve brands, including control valves with splined shafts
+ 1/10th the weight, 1/6th the size of spring & diagraphram actuators
+ Signficantly more cost effective and more air efficient than spring & diaphragm actuators
+ Patented vane actuator with an integral air reservoir eliminates the need for springs and exponentially increases the efficiency and relability of actuation
EVA Series Actuators

+ The problem solver for on/off applications
+ World's smallest and lightest pneumatic actuators for fail-safe
+ Easy direct mount to most ball valves and butterfly valves
+ Requires the least air consumption in the world
+ Basic control valve solution at 0.50% repeatability
+ Max size up to 24,411 in-lb @ 80 psi /45,770 in-lb @ 150psi
+ American Water Works Association (AWWA) C541 compliant

Accessories / Ancillaries to Complete Your Valve Automation Needs

Easytork Solenoid Valve (ESV)

Patented solenoid valve covers a full range of applications including NEMA 4, Ex-Proof, ATEX EX, I-Safe, Low-Temp, and Low Power. From 24VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC.

Easytork Air Pilot Valve (EPV)

Even with a third party solenoid valve, users can convert EVA double-acting actuator to fail-safe through Easytork's patented air pilot valve.

Easytork Namur Trip Valve (NTV)

Installing or not installing Easytork’s NTV with a double-acting positioner determines what function (fail-safe, in open or close, or double-acting) the actuator has. Any 4-20ma or 3-15 psi double acting positioner in the market works with the system.

Limit Switches

Easytork offers a full range of NEMA 4 and explosion proof applications.

Lockout & Partial Stroke Test

Integral add on to EVA actuators without adding hysteresis to valve connection.

Declutchable Gear Operator (Updated May '19)

High strength and high torque.

Mounting Hardware

When direct-mount is not an option, our adaptable shafts, drive inserts, and brackets eliminate need for couplers and their associated costs and mechanical issues. Easytork mounting hardware will not cause stem side loading and protects actuator valve stem from leakage.

Easytork is the proud recipient of the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the pneumatic actuators market

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Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Easytork manufactures quarter turn pneumatic actuators for users worldwide in a wide variety of markets such as oil & gas, chemical, aerospace, power generation, water/municipal, general industrial, etc. Our patented spring-less internal air reservoir vane design makes our pneumatic actuator the smallest and lightest in the world. Additionally, compared to spring & diaphragm for control valves, our patented control actuator line is 1/10th the weight, 1/6th the size, significantly more cost effective and air efficient, has better than/equal to benchmark test performance, and is more robust and easier to install. Easytork is the new generation of actuation innovation - our products are proudly designed with process users in mind first and foremost, with the vision of simplifying process controls and generating impactful savings and efficiencies for their facilities.

Easytork is the 2013 Arch Grant recipient, the 2015 second place recipient of the Accelerate St. Louis Challenge (St. Louis Economic Development Partnership), and a 2015 Bright Futures recipient.

“The introduction of the pneumatic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs, external reservoirs, has significantly changed the pneumatic fail-safe industry. This technology is in line with the global trend towards advancement in durability, safety, efficiency and cost of pneumatic actuators.” - As featured in Valve World Magazine, Special Topic