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Better or Equal Performance To Spring and Diaphragms

Easy Installation to Splined Control Valves

The Smallest and The Lightest Actuator for Control Valves

Proprietary Solutions to Hard Problems

Easy Retrofit to Common Splined Control Valves

ECA Performs Better Than or Equal to Spring-and-Diaphragm on Control Valves

Using the BenchMark™ control valve diagnostic system performed by a third party, Easytork’s Control Actuator exceeds or is equal to spring-and-diaphragm for HDRL (hysteresis, dead band, repeatability and linearity) or speed of response (time constant, τ’) within a range of 0.3%, 2.0%, 10% or 100% change in valve position.

Easytork's results in the top left quadrant below. The other graphs are tests with other control valve manufacturers.

Smallest and Lightest Control Valve Package

The Easytork actuator is the smallest and lightest actuator in the market. The size and weight on a 3” control valve package are as follows:

Easy Assembly to Control Valve

Assembling actuator to a control valve is as easy as align, drop and bolt.

Easy Function Change (Fail-CW, Fail-CCW, or Double-Acting)

Namur Control Valve Product Page

Installing or not installing Easytork’s NAMUR Trip Valve (“NTV”) determines what function (fail-safe, in CW or CCW, or double-acting) the actuator has. This can be done even when the valve is in line.

Easytork has Proprietary Solutions To Help Solve Hard Problems

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Easytork Control Actuator (ECA Series) Brochure

Installation and Operation Manual

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Easytork Control Actuator Overview:

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