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Unparalleled Characteristics for Control Valves

+ Actuator repeatability <0.05%
+ Fast valve position response
+ Excellent frequency response
+ Stiffness for throttling control
+ Smallest in-class actuator
+ Lightest in-class actuator
+ No spring drift
+ Ideal for corrosive/dirty environments

How to Use EVA Actuator With Positioners - Easytork Rotary Positioner Valve (“ERPV”)

EVAs will work with any positioner in the market. Regardless of double-acting or fail-safe setup, user must use a double-acting positioner. Installing or not installing Easytork’s Rotary Positioner Valve (“ERPV”) with a double-acting positioner determines what function (fail-safe, in open or close, or double-acting) the actuator has. Any 4-20ma or 3-15 psi positioner in the market works with the system.

Valve World December / January 2018 Editorial: Easy Control Valve Solutions

Why Easytork is the ideal actuator for control valve applications: Easy control valve solutions: process control optimization through fail-safe vane actuators.


ERPV Overview


Control Valve Solution:

Z-Disc Control Valve with EVA-0514. Minimal Overshoot and tight repeatability captured on Slo-Mo video: