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Easytork's patented pneumatic valve actuator improves on the reliability and direct mount ability of vane actuators while simplifying vane’s single-acting design so that vane actuators can be smaller, lighter, and more competitive than single-acting rack & pinions actuators on every measurable scale.

“The introduction of the pneumatic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs, external reservoirs, has significantly changed the pneumatic fail-safe industry. This technology is in line with the global trend towards advancement in durability, safety, efficiency and cost of pneumatic actuators.”

As featured in Valve World Magazine, Special Topic

High Cycle Guarantee

EVA has the fewest moving parts of any actuator in the market allowing Easytork to test and warranty its products for 2 years or 2 million cycles. Even with minimal maintenance, our actuators continue to work in harsh environments where other actuators fail. With only one moving piece, and environment air never entering actuator, our actuators are designed to outlast the competition.


Non-existent springs cannot fail, the same fail-safe torque at end-of-stroke will be the same for a new actuator as it will be for an used actuator. Springs in spring-return-actuators will decay or break over time. With subpar instrument air, springs are exposed to corrosion. On the fail position movement of the spring, the actuator container effectively becomes a vacuum sucking in environment air. Debris from the environment air attacks the soft sealing of the actuator, creating leakage points. Moisture from the environment air exposes the springs to corrosion.

Photo: spring return actuator after use - significant spring decay

Easytork actuators do not suck in environment debris and moisture.

Most Compact - Smallest and Lightest in Class Actuator

Note: All comparisons below based on model sizes with equivalent fail-end-of-stroke output torques.

Fail-Safe Size Comparison:

Fail-Safe Weight Comparison @ 5.5 BAR (80 PSI):


Cost saving through less air consumption.

Fail-Safe Air Consumption (CW+ CCW) Comparison @ 5.5 BAR (80 PSI):

For the same output torque, EVA uses >25% less air than a single-acting rack & pinion. Versus a comparable double-acting rack & pinion, EVA uses >50% less air.


EVA’s pure rotary-to-rotary torque generation guarantees no loss of motion for tighter accuracy. At <0.05% repeatability, Easytork is an industry leading actuator for throttling.

Multiple Functions in One Unit

One Easytork unit will perform multiple functions, depending on your needs.

Convert between double-acting and fail-safe, and fail-open and fail-close (<60 sec). No need to purchase and inventory multiple SKUs for your facility's various needs. And of course, no need to switch out springs.

American Water Works Association (AWWA) C541 Compliant

One of the few pneumatic actuators in the market compliant with AWWA C541.

How Easytork Can Help You

- Existing actuators at your facilities are complicating the retrofit and maintenance processes, due to poor quality or installation difficulties
- You're looking for a high performance actuator that is also low maintenance
- You need to reduce the footprint of your automated valves, without sacrificing output torque
- Your facilities need a safe emergency shut-down solution
- You need an accurate control valve solution
- Poor or corrosive environment is causing signficant problems for your existing automated valves

Easytork is the safest, most efficient, most flexible solution for your automation needs.

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Technical Data

EVA Technical Data and Build of Material

Installation and Operation Manual


CAD / 3D Drawings

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Double-Acting and Fail-Safe Conversion:

Fail-Close and Fail-Open Conversion:

8" Valmatic butterfly valve with EVA-1022:

Instructional Videos

Altering Degree of Rotation:

Drive Insert Overview, Installation, and Removal:

Adaptable Shafts Overview, Installation, and Removal: